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The Essential Cockatoo by Laurie Baker & Stuart Borden - This fun, informative, and practical book will help you select, train, and nurture your Cockatoo. In full-color throughout, chapters include Choosing, Bringing Home, Understanding Your Companion, Nurturing, Training, and Health Care. Author Laurie Baker, a companion bird breeder and behaviorist, is a life member of the American Association of Aviculture and owner of Feathered Follies Bird Shop in California. She spares no punches about the hard work and diligence required in some areas of keeping these magnificent species.

The Essential Cockatoo

by Laurie Baker & Stuart Borden

Good Bird! A Guide to Solving Behavioral Problems in Companion Parrots! by Barbara Heidenreich - A professional in animal behavior has created an easy-to-read step-by-step guide that uses positive reinforcement for teaching your parrot acceptable behavior. This book will help you deal with screaming, biting, feather-picking, bonding, and other difficult parrot behaviors. Chapters include Preparing the Companion Parrot Owner, Screaming, Biting, Bonding to One Person, Cage Bound Bird, and Feather Picking.

Good Bird! A Guide to Solving Behavioral Problems in Companion Parrots!

by Barbara Heidenreich

The Complete Pet Bird Owner's Handbook (Revised Edition) by Dr. Gary A. Gallerstein - Covers all aspects of pet bird ownership, including selection, nutrition, behavior, home physicals, emergency medical care, preventative medicine, and much more. Presented in seventeen chapters, this book provides guidance on getting started, achieving optimum health, and understanding what your bird needs from you for a happy, healthy life. Includes an index of health and illness signs, general index, bibliography of additional resources, and superb photos and illustrations to support the detailed text. You will consider this book to be the most essential reference in your avian library, a constant source of reliable advice, assistance, and assurance for your bird's well-being.

The Complete Pet Bird Owner's Handbook (Revised Edition)

by Dr. Gary A. Gallerstein


Bird Magazines

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Bird Talk

Bird Talk

If you want to walk the bird walk, then you better talk the Bird Talk, the magazine that provides both new and experienced bird owners with information on keeping pet birds. Bird Talk provides information on avian veterinary care, nutrition, training, products and more. Highlights include feature stories, caging tips, grooming instructions and striking photographs.

Bird Times

Bird Times

There is only one magazine for bird lovers and enthusiasts, and that's Bird Times. Each colorful issue comes packed with articles on training, health care, feeding, aviculture, bird-keeping, wild bird-watching and the culture and enjoyment of our avian companions. Breathtaking photography and keen insight make this a soaring publication, bound for your subscription.

Wild Bird

Wild Bird

Whether you're a veteran or novice bird enthusiast, you will enjoy the informative articles and colorful photos in this magazine. Wild Bird covers all aspects of birding, including species profiles, birding guides, product reviews, and feeding methods that will make birds flock to your backyard.

Bird Watcher's Digest

Bird Watcher's Digest

Bird Watcher's Digest is a colorful, intriguing magazine about birds and the people who watch them. This magazine spotlights the what, when, where and wow of bird watching. You�ll find articles on how to identify, attract and feed birds, bird behavior, gardening tips, bird-house construction tips, humor pieces and a crossword puzzle.

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