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Parrot Behavior & Training (Series Part 1) by Barbara Heidenreich - Animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich teaches behavior basics and tools for training your bird. Chapters include Reinforcement, Tools, Cue and Target Bridging, Sharing with Approximation, Variable Reinforcement, Training Examples, Target Training, Turn Around on Cue, Wave on Cue, Step Up on Cue, and Retrieve.Parrot Behavior & Training (Series Part 1)

by Barbara Heidenreich

2015 revised edition. This is the first in the series of DVDs by professional animal trainer Barbara Heidenreich. Learn the basic principles of learning as well as step by step instructions for how to train behaviors such targeting, step up, turn around, wave, retrieve and more. Includes an excellent example of training step up with a bird showing aggressive behavior. Also featured is how these behaviors are used in a real life success story to transform a problem parrot into the perfect companion. The training subjects are companion parrots learning these behaviors for the first time captured on film. A great DVD for those new to training or needing a refresher on the basics.

Item Number: DVD08

Running Time: 35 min.

Published: 2015

Format: HD DVD DVD

Click here for Part 2 of this DVD series, Training Your Parrot for the Veterinary Exam.

Price: $21.95



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