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The Lovebird Handbook by Vera Appleyard - Lovebirds are social birds, and keeping healthy, contented lovebirds requires dedicated care. This handbook provides valuable guidance to owners and prospective owners about lovebird health care, feeding, behavior, and housing. Lovebirds Compendium

by Dirk Van den Abeele

In this completely renewed limited edition Dirk has again gathered as much up to date scientifically supported information as possible. The extensive information on housing, nutrition breeding responsibly, genetics, feather structure, colour mutations, inheritance patterns, colour pigments, mutation names, colour factors and breeding results makes this a complete book for everyone involved with Lovebirds.

Dirk has again written about lovebird breeding and complex genetic concepts at an understandable level.

Item Number: 703

ISBN: 9789058216397

Pages: 767 pp.

Published: 2016

Illustrations: Full Color

Binding: Hard Cover

Size: 7.5" x 10.25"

Price: $155.00



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