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60% off Avian Medicine: Principles and Application (Abridged Edition)

by Dr. Branson Ritchie, Dr. Greg Harrison, Linda Harrison & Dr. Donald W. Zantop

The Essential Cockatoo by Laurie Baker & Stuart Borden - This fun, informative, and practical book will help you select, train, and nurture your Cockatoo. In full-color throughout, chapters include Choosing, Bringing Home, Understanding Your Companion, Nurturing, Training, and Health Care. Author Laurie Baker, a companion bird breeder and behaviorist, is a life member of the American Association of Aviculture and owner of Feathered Follies Bird Shop in California. She spares no punches about the hard work and diligence required in some areas of keeping these magnificent species.

50% off The Essential Cockatoo

by Laurie Baker & Stuart Borden

50% off Pionus Parrots: A Complete Guide

by Roger Sweeney

55% off Complete Guide to African Grey Parrots

by Pamela Hutchinson



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This is our selection of Amazon Parrot books and Amazon Parrot DVDs about the keeping, care, training, and breeding of Amazon Parrots. If you don't see the Amazon book or video you're looking for, or if you have a question about one of our Amazon titles, please contact us. For information on shipping methods and rates, payment options, information privacy, and shopping cart security, please visit our How to Order page.


Amazon Parrots: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual by Gayle Soucek - These medium-size parrots are known for their playful companionship and their talking ability. Here is everything a new pet owner needs to know about caring for Amazon parrots and keeping them as pets, including purchasing, feeding, health care, training, grooming, and all other aspects of responsible pet ownership.

Amazon Parrots: A Complete Pet Owner's Manual NEW

by Gayle Soucek

Price: $8.95

The Birdkeepers' Guides: Amazon Parrots by Greg Glendell - This informative book from 'The Birdkeepers' Guides' series offers expert advice in an easy-to-read format that stands to benefit any parrot owner. Because Amazon parrots can be prone to certain behavior problems, the author employs his parrot behavior expertise to answer some of the most common questions in housing and training a pet parrot. Key points are illustrated throughout the text with full-color photos, sidebars, and tip boxes. A portion of the book is also devoted to discussion of how to locate an escaped Amazon parrot.

The Birdkeepers' Guides: Amazon Parrots

by Greg Glendell

Price: $12.95



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